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Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2023/2024 Form, Portal and How To Apply

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment

This article will guide you on how to successfully apply for Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2023. A lot of people across the country have been anticipating the NPS recruitment for this year. Now the recruitment is around the corner, you will need to follow this guide religiously for a successful application.

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment

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About Nigeria Prison Service

The origins of the modern prison service in Nigeria dates back to 1861. This was the year in which the concept of the British style prison was established in Nigeria. The declaration of Lagos as a colony in 1861 marked the beginning of the establishments of formal institutions of governance. The stage, the main problem of the colonial government was to promote legitimate trade and guarantee the profit of the profits of the British merchants as well as the activities of the missionaries. To this end, the then acting governor of the Lagos colony, who was a prominent merchant in Lagos, formed a police force of about 27  able constables. This was followed by the establishment of four courts in 1863. The court was as follows: a Police court to resolve petty disputes, a criminal court to try the more serious cases, a slave court to try cases arising from the efforts to abolish the trade in slaves and a commercial court to resolve disputes among merchants and traders. The functionality of these courts and the police necessitated the establishment of a prison to complete the set up.

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Not long after, in 1872 the Broad Street prison was set up with an initial inmate capacity of only 300. The headway incursion of the British government into the hinterland and establishment of British protectorate towards the end of the 19th century necessitated the establishment of prisons in the Niger delta which by then was just was a centre of several trade disputes. By 1910, prisons were already established in the following areas; Degema, Calabar, Onitsha, Benin, Ibadan, Sapele, Jebba and Lokoja.

The declaration of protectorates over the East, West and North by 1906 effectively brought the entire Nigeria area under British rule. This however did not mark the beginning of a unified prison system in the country. For more information on the Nigerian prison System, visit;

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Requirements

You will need to meet the necessary requirements for NPS Recruitment to be eligible for application. The General application requirements are;


  • Must be Nigerian by birth and descent.
  • Must possess the requisite qualification and certificate Please note that any qualification that was not accepted at the recruitment centre shall not in any way be accepted after the recruitment.
  • Must be fit as well as present certificate of medical fitness from a government recognized Hospital.
  • Must be of good character and must not have been convicted of past criminal offences.
  • Must not be in anyway associated with any Secret Society, Cults or Drug addiction
  • Must be of ages between 18 to 30 years.
  • Must be of height not less than 1.65m for men and 1.60m for women
  • Must have expanded chest measurement not less than 0.87 for men.
  • Computer Literacy is an added advantage.
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Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Available Positions at NPS & Requirements

Below are the positions you can apply for at the Nigeria Prison Service during this recruitment.

CATEGORY A: Superintendent Cadre:

CATEGORY B: Inspectorate Cadre:

How to Apply for Nigerian Prison Recruitment/Jobs Vacancies

The Application is done online and application is strictly free of charge.

  • Log into NPS Recruitment Portal
  • Fill and submit the application form online via
  • Candidates are advised to print out their referee form which as to be duly completed for submission during screening. Candidates should also take note that multiple applications will be rejected.

How to Get Latest News Updates On NPS Recruitment 2023

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How To Register at Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Portal

The NPS Registration portal is at This is where you will need to fill the form and submit.

Please do follow the instructions outlined above under the subheading How to Apply for Nigerian Prison Recruitment/Jobs Vacancies for a successful application process at NPS Recruitment Portal.

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Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment List-When to Expect It

How long does it take for the list to be released after the recruitment process? Well, it depends on the agency not you. You own duty is to wait and pray.

The names of the shortlisted candidates shall be communicated to you via your email since you have subscribed to notification by email. You shall also be updated via your Facebook messenger inbox. So you don’t have to worry. Just relax after the application.

Nigeria Prison Service Screening Date-When Is the Date for Screening?

The date has you know has not been fixed, but we will also communicate the Nigeria Prison Service Screening Date to you via your email address and you Facebook messenger inbox.

You will also get some notification on your device (Mobile, Android or laptop) depending on what you use. This is because you have registered for notifications.

Final Word on NPS Recruitment

Success is not a matter of chance, so wait patiently as you wait for your name to be released.  We strongly believe that if you follow the instruction found here, you will definitely succeed in your endeavor to work at the Nigeria Prison Service. Good luck and success in your endeavors.

Warning: Currently Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment portal is not yet open and the form is not out. Do you want to be the first to know when the form is out? Kindly drop your email in the subscription box and subscribe to our Facebook messenger list to stay updated.

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