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History Of Jobs In Nigeria- Employment in Nigeria

What do we mean by the history of Jobs in Nigeria? This is simply the history of the concept of employment in Nigeria. Remember that once upon a time, our forefathers were self-surviving individuals, who sustained themselves with the help of subsistence agriculture, fishing and trading, but with the coming of the Europeans and the rise of industrialization, the concept of work and education was introduced and hence the rise of employment.

So on this page, we shall be taking a holistic approach to this concept of employment in Nigeria vis-a-vis jobs in Nigeria.

If you like, you can also call this the history and development of industrial labour in Nigeria and you will not be wrong.

The Age of the Industrial Revolution in Nigeria.

Changes in our modern world have continued to be revolutionary across various aspects of human endeavours, with huge economic benefits. Developed countries champion the course of these transformational changes, while newly industrialized countries strive to make meaningful contribution to the trends as underdeveloped countries battle with issues of development especially industrial. This paper explored industrial revolution on the global scale and considered the policies, structures and industrial design outcomes that have stalled the roadmap to industrialization in Nigeria despite the many development plans, beginning with the First Development Plan of 1962 to Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan, 2014, and establishes that industrial design is a strategic tool for economic growth that has taken root in developed countries as both a professional area of practice and study and should be incorporated into Nigeria‟s economic development plans.

Conclusion on History of the Industrial Revolution Of Jobs In Nigeria

One of the cardinal objectives of the economic programmes of the Federal Government of Nigeria, over the years, is to transform the country into a global hub for economic activities through industrialization. This objective is far from being achieved as the country‟s economic development indices reflect unfavourable global rating asa result of multiple systemic impairments. Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) from Latin America and South Asia have leveraged the opportunities provided by industrial revolution through technology transfer for eventual development of indigenous techno-cultural capabilities. Industrial design as strategic tool for economic growth in industrialized countries of the Worldis incorporated into national development plans in which governments vigorously pursue economic development for the benefit of citizens and national pride. It is therefore, imperative for scholars and industrialists from arts, design and engineering backgrounds interested in the industrialization of Nigeria, to begin to engage relevant levels government to recognize the value of Industrial Design as strategic tool for economic transformation and incorporate it into policy statements and structures that must be implemented to the fullest to enable Nigeria ascend to the status of industrialized country.

How To Get A Job In Nigeria in 2020

Securing a Job in Nigeria in this century in 2020 is not a child’s play, neither is it a thing to be taken lightly. if you are fully grown, and you are not under the care of any guardian, you can attest to the fact of how hard it is to be fully and gainfully employed in this country. But with the help of this page, we will show you the secret of getting employed easily in Nigeria. All you need to do is continue reading.

There are three steps to be gainfully employed in This Country which are:

Study a very specialized and highly sought after course in school such as Medicine, Software development, Data science, these skills are highly sought after in the 21st century and there is no argument about this.

Start a business of your own. You can get a loan a start a business on a highly sought after skill which you have spent years to study either on your own or in a school.

Learn a trade. Just like the Igbo people, which you can agree how wealthy most of them are across the world, you can learn a trade for some year for after which your “OGA” will settle you and you can begin life on your own.

This is the way to go if you want to be gainfully employed in this country.

Latest Jobs in Nigeria 2023 and Agencies Currently Recruiting.

But if you are bent on working for the government of=r any top private organization like that, here is the big deal- We have made a compilation of top agencies in the country recruiting. All you have to do is to click the links below to take you to their various recruitment pages. What else can be better than this? This have been given to you on a platter of goal.

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Conclusion on Jobs In Nigeria 2020

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